Working in professional consulting is an enormously enriching experience, and you'd definitely be making a good career choice.  With the diversity of clients you get to work for, there’s never a dull moment, especially if you manage to connect with your clients’ circumstances as passionately as they do themselves.

Advisory work draws from vast, sound and universal knowledge developed to respond to various challenges facing mankind.  It is this knowledge we put to use for the benefit of our clients, which makes advisory a noble career.  Our work  must never, therefore, be so much about our fees or how much you earn as an individual, as it must be about the transformational results that a client obtains from their engagement with us as their consultants.

This is always important to bear in mind.

What we look for

Because we work with clients from a vast range of industries, we have found it useful to also maintain a combination of knowledge, skills and experience.  This is important for us.


Your background

Professional consultancy draws from a complex combination of technical, professional and interpersonal skills, personal discipline, social values and work experience.   Whatever your background, therefore, you will likely fit in.


Working at ATP

At ARTEMIS Transition Partners, we are united by a common and genuine desire to serve our clients and surpass their  expectations.  This is the one thing we take most seriously.



We have a three-stage recruitment process, which should help to ensure that you, and ourselves make the right choices about each other.